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The Adventures of Herba Hoota Hound Dog Bird

The Adventures of Herba Hoota Hound Dog Big is a chapter book with line art illustrations, written for third grade children and older.  Since this book reaches a different audience, it reintroduces the creation of the character and proceeds into issues children face today.

Angie and some other kids at school bully Megan because of her weight. Herba Hoota teaches the children to be true friends and helps Megan gain better self-esteem.

Herba Hoota and Coach Larson help Gordon, who stutters, but is a good baseball player, become more self reliant about his situation and more courageous.

Herba Hoota and Mrs. Larson help Angie, the girl who bullied Megan, address her anger and learn to gain the acceptance of the children she bullied, while teaching the other children forgiveness.

The story comes full circle.

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Herba Hoota the Hound Dog Bird

Herba Hoota Hound Dog Bird is a color-illustrated book about a hound dog named Herba and an eagle named Hoota. One day while playing a game of tag, they collide into one body with two heads and two distinct personalities. Come travel through the book with Herba Hoota, while they adjust to their new body and their “super powers.”

A must read for young children, K-2nd grade.