About the Authors


Mike & Jacquie Tate live in Frisco, Texas and have a strong love for children, desiring for them to have the best opportunities in life. For many years, they have worked with kids in church youth groups; involved with city sports activities and taught marriage seminars at their church.

“We thought this colorful character would be a wonderful avenue for children to learn some needed life lessons in a fun and memorable way.”

When Mike was a young boy, his Uncle Buddy had humorous names for all of the nieces and nephews. One was Snodgrass, another was Riggle Snortz and Mike’s name was Herba Hoota Hound Dog Bird.

Mike & Jacquie enjoy traveling throughout the United States, reading the messages of Herba Hoota and partnering with teachers, counselors, and administrators to help children develop stronger self esteem, self-reliance and skills to address bullying.


They are very animated when they read the story. Children have been very receptive to the message and love the character of Herba Hoota. Throughout the story kids are told when they make good choices, they are –